First Step Despencado 

Before cutting the agave, our master mezcaleros They know when to cut the pineapple at its most optimal point; Since this way you can increase the amount of sugars, So when baking it have more richness and flavor.

Second Preparation

Once the agave pineapples are cooked, they are cut in pieces with machete to place them in the grind. These pieces pass to an Egyptian mill. So they grind With a circular stone of more than 500kg, which is pulled to Horse and turning crushes the remaining agave. Liquids They are then packed in barrels to ferment.

Third Double Distillation

Finishing the fermentation stage, we begin with the first distillation, where we get a mezcal from 50º of alcohol and in occasions even greater, called "Mezcal tip." For better quality, it is again distilled in order to standardize the Alcoholic Graduation.